"Thank you for taking such good care of me and my Subaru. I needed extra service items taken care of and everyone was so accommodating (two headlight bulbs replaced instead of one, oil change, snow tires removed, summer tires put on). Thank you so much for doing everything so cheerfully! And my Subaru is VERY happy, purring along with its new oil and headlights." -Debbie, June 2016

"Alex Wolf was exceptional! When I first visited Cooks I was looking to possibly leasing a car. I had no idea that I did not have a credit history and Alex was able to finance a brand new car at an affordable budget for me. I was truly surprised and could not believe the finance rate that he was able to get for me. I believe that without Alex assisting me, I would not be driving a new car now! Thank you." -Alex, April 2016

"It's been a real pleasure purchasing my new Forester. David is one class act and very well informed on his product. He's been there helping every step of the way. I definitely feel important and well taken care of with him. I really appreciate his hard work making this happen. A dealer can be made or broken on the power of their team and from all I've seen you have a real top of the line crew."

-Claude M. August 2016

I've worked with Subaru dealers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Oregon. I've felt reasonably good with all of them. While this was only my first interaction with Cook Subaru service, I have no doubt that this is a service department that is professional and ethical. Really appreciated Darrell's clear communication, warm demeanor and good advice. He got everything done on time, including saving a summer tire, which means I don't have to replace 4 tires next spring. I have no need to look elsewhere for any of my Subaru service needs. Thanks. 
-Richard M. December 2018
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